Preparing Students for Careers in the Technology Industry in Panama City, Florida

The technology industry in Panama City, Florida is expanding rapidly, and higher education institutions are playing a key role in preparing students for successful careers. The National Secretariat for Science and Technology (SENACYT) offers scholarships to Panamanians to study abroad in fields related to science and technology. Additionally, the Panamanian government has created a teacher training program called Panama Bilingual to improve English language teaching in public schools. Recently, SkillStorm launched Upskill Together, an initiative led by a coalition of universities and employers that includes Salesforce, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Florida State University and California State University at Fullerton.

This program seeks to expand access to technological credentials that are highly sought after and recognized by the industry. Florida State University in Panama City has partnered with SkillStorm to provide technology-based training courses for students, alumni and professionals looking to advance their careers in the technology industry. Universities such as Florida State University in Panama, the University of Louisville in Panama, the University of South Florida, Towson University and Illinois State University have agreements for students to begin their university studies in Panama and finish their studies in the United States. SkillStorm provides companies with a national technology workforce prepared to work on advanced technologies and platforms such as Pega, Salesforce and ServiceNow.

This six-year regional initiative funded by Triumph Gulf Coast focuses on expanding the technological workforce in the eight counties affected by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, with the goal of increasing the number of industrial certifications that people in those affected communities obtain. Research indicates that incorporating industry-recognized certifications into the university experience can help graduates better access job opportunities, especially in fast-growing industries such as technology that continue to face a shortage of skilled talent.

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