Promoting STEM Education in Panama City, Florida: Notable Initiatives and Programs

The City Division of Panama City, Florida is dedicated to providing students of all ages with innovative and exciting STEM educational opportunities. The goal is to bridge the gap between education and the application of STEM in the real world. To this end, the Department of Defense's Main Office for Digital and Artificial Intelligence (CDAO) has launched a pilot program, spearheaded by Denise R. Newsome of The Collegiate School at Florida State University.

This program is designed to motivate high school students to pursue STEM careers, particularly in the Civil Defense Corps. The program culminates in a competition where 20 students will hone their skills in solving challenges related to public safety and disaster relief. Additionally, Florida State University in Panama City has partnered with the Panama City Division of the Naval Surface Warfare Center to create STEM in a Box. This initiative provides a curriculum and necessary materials to use in classrooms or schools at no cost. For more information about these initiatives or programs, contact the STEM Institute of the Federal University for Technological Studies (STEM) in Panama City.

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